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Some Yorùbá Values


Values fostered Examples of Proverbs/ Maxims
1 Respect and honour for elders A i fi agba fun enikan ko je ki aye o gun (Failure to give regards to other is the fundamental cause of societal abnormality
2 Regard and appreciation for one’s family and benefactors A ki i fi owo osi juwe ile baba eni (we should not point at our father’s home with the left hand)
3 Self control and courtesy Falana gbo tire, tara eni la gbo (Falana-a generic name, mind your business)
4. Virtues of forgiveness, harmony and peaceful co-existence Bi a ko ba gbagbe oro ana, a ko ni ri enikan abasere (Unless we overlook the past misdeeds, we will not be able to relate
5 Diligence and industry Ise ni oogun ise ( Hard work is the cure for poverty)
6 Truth and honesty Otito ki i sina iro nii fi ori gbogbe (Truth does not make mistake, falsehood lead astray).
7 Unity and cooperation Ajeji owo kan ko gberu de ori (One hand cannot lift a heavy load to the head



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