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Our Story

It has been observed that the quality of our enriched Yoruba cultural heritage has been gradually eroded due to the influx of modernization and civilization most importantly among Yoruba descendants resident abroad like in Asia, Europe and American countries likewise in Africa. Our language, culture and tradition are going into oblivion. For this observation, lineage alive is an organization that came into being to redeem the lost cultural heritage of Yoruba race. Lineage alive is an organization of Yoruba educators which are concerned with teaching and promoting Yoruba language, tradition and culture through education and music targeted towards Yoruba descendants abroad.We are based on training the youth and interested nationals in Diaspora our traditional culture and language. Lineage alive foundation is an organization saddled with the responsibility of promoting heritage and culture in a bid to connect people in the diaspora back to their roots.


1. We are focused on teaching Yoruba youths in diaspora Yoruba language and culture and also youths from other native race like the Hausa’s and Igbo’s are also put into consideration as regards learning their mother tongue.

2. We are committed to teaching youths from Yoruba race and other native races their traditional ways of life.

3. Bringing Yoruba youths in particular together and youths from other mother tongue in general together.

4. We are also focused on uplifting our languages and culture through music.

5. Giving Yoruba youths the opportunity to learn Yoruba various educative songs, dance and drums.

6. Giving Yoruba kids sense of belonging, true sense of identity and a high level of esteem is one of our major objectives.

7. We are targeted at teaching the youths to be able to read, write and speak their mother tongue in a short period of time.


We have different tools that are interrelated to achieve these feat which are listed as follows:

1. Designed Curriculum
2. Old time educative Yoruba school songs.
3. Summer camp
4. Radio/ Television programs.
5. Tales at moonlight.
6. Proverbs and their translations captured inside training materials like DVD’s and MP3’s.


Lineage alive is an organization of native educators readily available to teach Yoruba language in particular and other major Nigerian native languages in general which include Igbo and Hausa, focused and concerned with teaching and promoting yoruba language basically and other languages through music and education.


Yoruba language is a language among many that teaches about morals and cultural values and we have observed that over the years the quality of our enriched Yoruba language has been eroded among our children and young adults living in Nigeria and abroad. There has been a great decadence in Yoruba moral and cultural values over time. For these reasons, we have brought up ideas which are committed purposely to bring back and enhance the richness in Yoruba language, moral and cultural values through the following means as follows:


This avenue is earmarked and focused on teaching interested children and adults Yoruba language in other to read, write and speak within a short period of time thereby giving them a true sense of belonging and identity and a high level of self-esteem as Yoruba descendants in diaspora. We have a Yoruba library with various teaching aids targeted towards achieving this feat some of which are Yoruba educative textbooks one of which we authored, CDs and MP3s, a conducive learning environment and personal home tutoring is also made available for any interested applicant.


Music they say is the soul of life. What is heard over and over again sticks more. The more reason we have made available over a hundred various Yoruba educative old school songs as an avenue aimed at teaching our children Yoruba morals and cultural values. We have four of these songs to our credit which are already released. These songs teach a lot of moral and cultural values some of which are neatness, respect for elders, not to forget about where we come from, the importance of education etc.


These is an avenue designed to reach and teach our children about Yoruba language as it relates to its moral and cultural values through various outlined, well designed and interesting programs. Programs can be listened to on the go, Live programs which are spiced up with Yoruba cultural and educative music to teach and enhance the learning of Yoruba language and culture. These we believe will bring back the eroded glory of Yoruba language.


This is an attempt to re-awaken the Yoruba moral and cultural values in other to unravel the primary material of yoruba beliefs and ascertain them. Yoruba people have various moral and societal values which are meant to regulate their interpersonal relationships and social cohesion which in turn helps in the smooth running of the yoruba community at large. These moral values guide the behavior of every member of the community. Some of these values are respect for old age, hard work, hospitality, truth, marriage chastity to mention a few. There are also proverbs and maxims that are used to inculcate moral and socio-cultural values in the community.




Our curriculum is divided into various phases which accommodates the learning of the various major languages we have in Nigeria. The first phase will commence with the teaching of Yoruba language, culture and tradition while subsequent phases would cover for other languages, culture and tradition.
The curriculum is targeted towards making the willing learners to be able to speak, read and write the languages within a short period of time based on the outlined curriculum using learning aids such as textbooks, VCD’s DVD’s among many which extends the learning experience outside the classroom and this is also applicable to other subsequent phases according to our curriculum. A certificate of completion would be issued at the end of the program.
Personal or home teaching service to learn the language and culture is also made available. All these comes under our Lineagealive education arm.

Music is the soul of life. Another facility made available to achieve our aims and objectives is through music which is achievable through our Lineagealive music arm. We have various educative songs gathered at our disposal to teach our willing learners about our language, culture and tradition. We have succeeded in putting old wines into new bottles by officially releasing four tracks out of our educative achives.

This is designed to bringing youths and adults together during summer period to be introduced to various forms of educative activities and programmes to learn about historical background of Yoruba race likewise it is made available for other native races as well. There is going to be a tourism session outlined whereby students would have opportunities to visit historical places in Nigeria such as olumo rock, Ikogosi warm spring where warm and cold water met at a point among others. Various native items which relate to our tradition would be displayed for physical view such as native attires, drums etc. The summer camp promises to be outstanding and funfilled for willing learners.

This medium is made available for disseminating educative information and programmes for the benefit of all intending listeners. Some of the programmes airmarked for the enjoyment of our listeners are Moonlight tales, Proverbs and Poem sessions with their respective translations, a special documentary programme on the radio and television about historical happenings in our culture would be showcased. This comes under our lineagealive radio.