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Another facility made available for teaching what operates in our culture is music.

we have succeeded in putting old wines into new bottles by officially releasing four tracks of old time yoruba educative school songs out of 50 songs gathered.

The first track titled Asa Ile wa(our culture) of which the lyrics is originated by us encouraging the entire yoruba race in Diaspora not to neglect and forget their origin, culture and tradition. It was borne out of the observation made about Nigerians abroad that no longer have interest or flair for their mother tongue except foreign languages. No matter how pleasant and enjoyable foreigncountries could be, they should not neglect and deny their origin and language.

The second track titled Isebere( work starts) expresses the importance of hard work, prayers and time to rest. It dispels act of laziness and shows how important it is to rest after a hard day’s job. All work and no play makes jack a dull boy.

The third track titled Odowuro(till tomorrow) is anold time school song usually sang in elementary schools back in those days when men were boys and women were girls. Its is a song of farewell that wishes one another a pleasant night and God’s protection till we meet the next day.

Track Four titled Omooniresiti de (the rice seller has come) relates to thelunch time or break time made available for students to eat. the song is about a student seeking permission from his teacher to be allowed to go and eat that the rice seller has come and the food has a good aroma.