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This concept is designed as a medium of disseminating educative information and programmes for the benefits of all intending listeners. Different programmes among which are TALES AT MOONLIGHT, which is a story telling presentation coupled with a puppet show.
We also designed Yoruba proverbs,translations and their respective meanings andyoruba poems and how they are related to our society and culture to be captured in learning materials and aired on radio and television programmes of which all these will serve as strong tools to achieving our dreams.
We have also strategized to have a special documentary programme on the radio which talks about historical things and happenings in yoruba land.
All these tools are strategized in such a way that there are relevant relationship among them , they are interrelated. For instance, there are some poems that we have that are related to Numeric numbers, animals etc which are represented in our curriculum. There are some proverbs which relates to neatness, punctuality, hardwork, peace and tranquility which are represented in our officially released songs.

These are the tools among many available for teaching and we are committed to achieving this through the following means
(1) Teaching yorubas and other interested race living to read, write and speak yoruba language in a professional and conducive learning environment through our yorubaalive education in a short and targeted period of timeusing learning aids such as yoruba textbooks, VCD’s, DVD’s among many which will extend the learning experience outside the classroom.
(2) Teaching Nigerian youth through educative songs enriched with yoruba language and culture which is to be achieved through our yorubaalive music arm.
(3) Our summer camp would be alive and active to accommodate yoruba race all over the world for teaching and learning through various educative avenues.
(4) Personal or home teaching service to learn the language and culture is also available.
(5) we have plans of situating our yoruba radio through which educative information would be disseminated using different interesting and educative programmes aired.